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In July 2021, Sugarland Ethno-History Project founder and president Gwen Reese passed away, leaving friends and family devastated by her loss but greatly inspired by her life and work.

Several Sugarland descendants and friends of the community immediately stepped forward to form a new board of directors and roster of volunteers. In just three months, they oversaw the upgrading of security and fire detection systems and lined up contractors to begin repairs to the historic church. They installed lights and landscaping, refurbished the Sugarland website, and developed plans to continue Gwen’s work of making Sugarland a site of reflection, education, and inspiration for descendants and the general public alike.

The future at Sugarland is as bright as the past. Check back here or keep an eye on the SEHP Facebook page or Instagram page for updates, and please consider donating to support our efforts if you are able to do so.